Monday, 24 February 2014

Of Rumors and Apologetics

Apart from running a worldwide religious organization, the Pope is responsible for doing some of most notable things in history, such as: 
But today, I found out something about the Pope that puts all previous records to shame. The Pope has hired notable author J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter fame to rewrite the Bible!

Note: From here on, this article becomes a little serious...

The origin of this rumor is the satire website WaterFordWhisperNews. How did I find this out? Simple. I went to, clicked on 'images', dragged the image from the linked Facebook page, and dropped it.

But just to make sure that the admin of the page didn't get the joke, here is a screenshot of the comments along the image:

Click to enlarge

This only goes to show that the more and more people simply cant comprehend humor. Reminds me of a blog on a local news site, where they had to put up a disclaimer specifying that the article (with outlandish and made-up material) was a work of satire!

In a previous post, I have outlined that this is the kind of apologetic that goes around on the internet. The sad thing is that there is a large audience to consume this kind of rumor and outright deceptive propagation, and they are willing to 'share' it. 

At least on my blog, I aim for accuracy while conveying religious information...