Saturday, 21 June 2014

KCAM-Taking a Step Further

Ministry at last! 

In my blog posts I have been discussing about the apologetics group that I started with some like-minded friends last year. Last week, we officially inaugurated the group and named it the ‘Karachi Christian Apologetics Ministry’ (KCAM).

I have been named the mentor for leadership & development. 

Karachi, well, because all members live here, and also because we want to start small. Apologetics is not a widely discussed topic in the Church worldwide, let alone in the minority Christian community of Pakistan.

Engaging in matters of faith intellectually is often frowned upon, but by the grace of God we have support of our mentors who have engaged in this ministry for decades (even at the risk of their lives), peers, ministry partners, and students.

We are non-denominational. Our home base is a Catholic household, and we have presence of Baptist and Pentecostal members as well. This is what makes our ministry unique.  Our major offering is a weekly class (interested people can contact me personally at for timings and location), but we are venturing into publications, online courses, and audio lectures.

Bi-lingual of course.  

Our Facebook page is our main online hub, but I will also be updating you about the ministry happenings on this blog. In fact, I am creating a separate page for KCAM.

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